Personal Care

Tailoring the care to your needs

The care we offer is individually tailored to you and we try to find out your likes, dislikes, and your needs, within the first few days of arrival. From this we develop a written care plan so that all staff know what they need to do to meet your expectations.

To make sure that we have got it right, we regularly discuss with you and your family how we can better meet your needs. This is called person centred care, with you as the person at the centre. We listen and learn from you, as to how you want to live your life, and how we can help you to achieve your objectives. .

Over time your care needs may change and you are encouraged to ask us to modify your care plan when this happens. We will also make suggestions and discuss them with you every time we review your care plan. Some of the areas of your life you may wish us to consider are;

  • A safe and happy environment- your room/ your day space/your eating area
  • The level of care- help with washing and dressing/bathing/hair/nails
  • A healthy lifestyle- input from GP/community nurses/physiotherapists/dentists
  • Involvement with your friends and families
  • Social interaction with other residents and staff
  • Activities and interests that you find meaningful
  • Diet and nutrition- and enjoyment of food and drink

There may be other areas of interest which are not covered in the above list, which you would like us to know about. As you settle into your new life these are added to your care plan, to ensure that your goals and wishes are met and that we are able to continue to meet your needs.

There may be times that we get it wrong, and if so we will always apologise. We are open to suggestions and there is a formal complaints procedure (given to all residents on arrival).

Continuity of care

Continuity of Care is usually an area of concern to people when they first arrive, and as they make this their home. We will be in the best position to offer this continuity of care through regular care planning and listening to your views on how you wish to be cared for at the end of your life, and we are happy for you to spend your last days in our care rather than having to move to hospital.

Day and respite care

We offer day care to people in the community. This is tailor made to suit the person and is integrated with our residential services and activities. Day care can be a useful service to people who are feeling isolated at home and want to have some company during the week.

Depending on room availability we may be able to offer respite care. This can enable you to rehabilitate after a stay on hospital or give your carers a break to go on holiday. Please phone to check whether a room is available.

To find out more: telephone 01263 733253